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2023 Breeding Season Pairings

These are the planned pairings for the 2024 season. Want to be put on the waitlist for a specific pairing? Please leave us a message with the desired sire and/or dam. If a hatchling is made available, you will be notified first before the listing is made public.

The morph is listed to the left - Pictures of the breeders can be found here

△ Male 


Red Phantom

▵ Robert Stack 


Red HQ

Red Dalmation 

▵ Pop Rocks 



Patterned Dal

Yellow Phantom

▵ Aang 

⬥Gold Digger

Dark Empty Back

EX Harley





▵Ghost Rider



▵ Sky Walker 


▵ Tai Lung

⬥Piña Colada

▵ Black Hole Sun 

⬥Tree Trunks

▵ Baldur 


▵ Soi Saus 

⬥Bad Habit

⬥Wet Paint

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