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Terms & Conditions

All geckos must be paid in full before shipping or at pickup. 

In order to hold a gecko, the buyer may choose to:

1) Pay in full, including shipping


2) Pay a 20% NON REFUNDABLE deposit*

*If a deposit is placed, buyer has two weeks (14 days) from the date the first payment is received to send in the remainder, regardless if picking up or shipped. We will send weekly reminders and will get in contact once the deadline is reached.


If the seller fails to respond to multiple attempts to get in touch after the deadline, the following will take place: the deposit will not be refunded, sale will be voided, and seller has the right to repost the gecko for sale. 


All geckos posted for sale are deemed healthy and free of serious medical issues*. After confirmation of the pick up, there is a 2-hour health guarantee. If an animal passes during this time, a full refund will be given**. 

*Some animals are deemed Pet Only, meaning that minor health issues prevent them from being a breeding animal. They may or may not have health issues that include, but are not limited to: MBD, genetic abnormalities, etc. These animals are considered healthy overall and do not require additional medical attention. 

**Animals that pass will need to be shipped back to us so that a biopsy can be performed to ensure cause of death. If fault is attributed to the buyer, a refund will not be given. 


If an animal is dead on arrival (DOA), a refund (minus shipping) will be given. Pick up from a FEDEX hub must be completed within an hour of package arrival in order to be eligible for the live arrival policy.


Crested geckos are known to drop their tails as a defense mechanism, due to stress, or even for no known reason. If a gecko drops their tail prior to pickup/shipping, the buyer may choose to void the transaction, but there are no refunds as it does not effect the health of the gecko. If a gecko drops its tail while on hold you will be notified. 

As shipping can be stress inducing for the animal(s), there is an assumed risk that the gecko(s) may drop its tail during shipping.


We cannot guarantee the sex of animals under 10 grams.


Credit / Debit Cards



Offline Payments

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