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Care Information

Recently purchased a crested gecko, or are thinking about picking one up? Here is what you need to know to care for these amazing creatures.

Common Name: Crested Gecko

Scientific Name: Correlophus ciliatus

Origin: New Caledonia

Care Level: Beginner 

Size: 5-9″

Life Span: 8-20 years


Crested geckos are arboreal and should be kept in a vertically oriented cage. Offer plenty of climbing choices and cover. Live plants can be used in the enclosure. Make sure to do research on which plants are safe and nontoxic. All plants must be free of pesticides and other chemicals and should be rinsed prior to adding to the enclosure.


Young crested geckos should be kept in a 5 gallon enclosure to ensure they can find their food. Adult geckos should be kept in a minimum of 10 gallon enclosure. It is not recommended that crested geckos be housed together, especially males.



Daytime Terrarium Temperature: 78-82°F

Nighttime Temperature: 68-73°F

Crested Geckos come from a mild climate and are sensitive to excessive heat. It is crucial to make sure that temperatures do not exceed 90°F. Always use a thermometer to monitor enclosure temperatures – Don’t guess!


Although Crested Geckos are nocturnal and do not require much direct exposure to sunlight, there is growing evidence that exposure to low levels of UV light is beneficial to their overall health and encourages natural behaviors.


It is strongly recommended that hatchling geckos not be kept on any type of loose substrate. Coco fiber can be used as a substrate in terrariums. Provide a nest box with at least 2 1/2 inches of substrate in all enclosures that house adult females. New Zealand Sphagnum Moss can be added as a substrate topper to hold additional moisture if needed.



A fruit-based crested gecko diet is ideal - Pangea and Repashy are good brands. Some will take the occasional soft-bodied insects (coated with repti-calcium). Feed babies every 2-3 days and adults every other day.


Water                                                                                                                       .

Provide a clean water dish with shallow fresh water at all times. Always add water conditioner to remove Chlorine and Chloramines. Crested Geckos prefer to drink or lap water from leaves. Terrariums should be kept at moderate to high relative humidity (50% – 70% RH). Use a Hygrometer to monitor relative humidity within the enclosure. Spray or mist your terrarium daily to help maintain humidity.


Please wait at least one week before handling your new gecko(s). With consistent handling, these geckos can be tamed and safely handled. They do not bite often and are overall peaceful. Handle no more than 15 minutes a day and hold them close to the floor to avoid injuries. Do not squeeze them, instead, allow them to walk along your hands by placing them one after the other. There are plenty of videos on how to properly hold a crested gecko.                                                           

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